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Following an excellent year of results from the GAC 2500 UGMA (The Industry Standard) analyser we are now scheduling field service and standardisation of all national instruments. It is essential that the instrument is serviced and standardised at least once a year in order to maintain accuracy, reliability and instrument value.

During the service the instrument is thoroughly cleaned and electronically standardised, instrument operating system software is upgraded to the latest version and the national calibration values for UK crops are updated as necessary.

Following standardisation a detailed test report is supplied showing the instrument permittivity characteristics in comparison to the UK reference standard instrument, the IR temperature performance is checked against a UKAS temperature probe, and the internal balance is verified using specialised weights. 

The Hectolitre weight calibration is tested in accordance with BS EN ISO 7971-3, samples for this calibration are derived from our National standard 20 Litre chrondometer, a detailed test report and certificate of calibration is supplied, with appropriate instrument labelling.

Any important calibration updates are emailed directly to you; additional or improved calibrations are installed at point of service. Any requirements for new calibration values prior to service can be arranged as soon as your booking is received.

The following support is included in the cost of service; breakdown coverage, including loan equipment, subsidised repair rates (out of warranty) technical support and new calibration creation. 

We constantly monitor the national calibration performance using proficiency testing schemes. If you have any questions about performance in ring check schemes please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you would like to enquire about joining a testing scheme please contact; Mr Richard Denton, Openfield Agriculture Ltd, Email:, Tel: 01476 862728 or Mrs. Nicky Lockey, Frontier Agriculture Ltd, Email:, Tel: 01767 688230

Farm-Tec, as a DICKEY-john approved service centre, are able to provide technical support with any aspect of using and configuring your GAC 2500.