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Farm-Tec are pleased to announce that the new GAC 2700-UGMA Grain Analysis
Computer is available in the UK. Following on from the success of the GAC 2500,
the GAC 2700 uses the latest analysis technology (149 MHz) to provide accurate
repeatable results. The GAC 2500 has been the UK industry's standard for accurate,
rapid, and reliable whole grain analysis for the last ten years. The GAC 2700 builds
on this trusted success and offers additional user experience and advantages.
As well as incorporating forward-thinking security improvements the GAC 2700 has
reduced measurement time, a new modern user-interface, and reliability
improvements. Which is why DICKEYjohn are marketing the GAC 2700 with the tag
line: Our Best Just Got Better.
The enhanced security allows you to customise the instrument access to specific
employees. It has faster processing which gives a ‘Rapid Analysis Mode’ reducing
the measurement process time to get trucks moving through your facility. And
improved usability, reduces training with an interface and navigation that’s as simple
as a smart phone app.
As well as the enhanced technology embedded in the new GAC 2700, Farm-Tec UK
specific calibrations provide unrivalled results. These results can be tracked and
reviewed in the leading UK proficiency schemes (Frontier, Openfield and UKNIR).

Contact Farm-Tec to discuss the DICKEYjohn GAC 2700 and how it could give you
even more reliable and accurate moisture and hectolitre results.