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Precision laboratory sieves – conforming to ISO 5233:1995E and British standard BS 6912.

Each sieve is accompanied by certification to the above standards, and has its own serial number.

Al industry required sizes available, slotted, round and wire-mesh.


Example sizes include;

  • Wheat - 2.0mm Slotted ISO 5223 (Screening) or 3.5mm Slotted ISO 5223 Sieve (Admixture)
  • Barley - 2.25mm Slotted ISO 5223 Sieve (Screening) or 2.5mm Slotted ISO 5223 Sieve (Admixture)
  • Oilseed Rape - 1.0mm Round Hole ISO 3310-2 (Screening) or 2.8mm Round Hole ISO 3310-2 (Admixture)



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